DEATH has arrived!

As of this week, DEATH BY PETTICOAT: AMERICAN HISTORY MYTHS DEBUNKED is available at bookstores across the country. The book contains 63 myths, most of which are shortened forms of some of the myths I’ve posted on this blog over the past couple years, with a color illustration for each one. Published by Colonial Williamsburg with Andrews-McMeel Press, it retails for $12.99. That’s a great price for an impulse item like this, and it’s also a good gift idea. At my lecture and book signing last week, several people bought two and one woman bought six!

A request, please. This book is a natural for gift shops at museums, national parks, historic houses, or battlefield parks, so if you have any connection to these, I’d appreciate it if you would point them to this blog and this book. It’s available to shops from all the major wholesale book distributors. And the next time you visit your local public library, in person or online, please request that they purchase DEATH BY PETTICOAT so lots of people can have access to it. Most libraries have a request process whereby card holders can ask the library to consider purchasing a particular book. Then you can read it for free!

Meanwhile, I’m collecting myths for Book Two, so keep those suggestions coming. I don’t have enough yet, but I’m getting close.   


3 Responses to DEATH has arrived!

  1. Now why didn’t I think of this book? I work in a museum and sometimes I offer tours on 18th century myths! Great job! I hope you have included the myth about “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Please email me so that we can discuss having your book in our shop.

  2. Joanna Waugh says:

    Is there any chance of an ebook release?

  3. marymiley says:

    Gosh, I completely forgot to mention e-books! Yes, DEATH is available that way too, and e-book readers get a bonus–embedded in some of the myths are links to short films from Colonial Williamsburg that add a little more information about that particular subject.

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