The Yellowstone Park Myth Debunked

In a recent publication from the Smithsonian magazine, author Richard Grant debunks a long-held myth that was once promoted by the park service: that the Yellowstone region was a pristine wilderness, untouched by humans. Not true, says archaeologist Doug MacDonald. “Pretty much anywhere you’d want to pitch a tent, there are artifacts,” evidence of centuries of habitation by Native Americans. So why the myth? Find out in this interesting article (with lovely photographs).

2 Responses to The Yellowstone Park Myth Debunked

  1. Pat Smith says:

    This was so interesting! I have never visited, but this definitely changes the perspective. Thanks for still posting these from time to time!

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    • Mary Miley says:

      I went to Yellowstone three or four years ago. I thought I knew what to expect, but oh my goodness, the place blew me away. I’ve seen a lot of geography in my almost 70 years, and this was one of the most impressive. Put it high on your list!

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