Civil War Myths

I’m happy to welcome another debunker to the family! Check out their website busting common myths about the Civil War.


One Response to Civil War Myths

  1. Curtis Starr Cook says:

    This was both interesting and informative, but there are some problems here.

    The arguments for myths 8, 12 and 16 fail to refute the myths.
    The argument for 17 actually proves that it was not a myth.
    The argument for 19 is factually inaccurate. (Lee beat Grant at four of the five battles listed and scored a draw at Topopotomoy Creek, which was so small a fight that it should probably be considered a skirmish rather than a battle.)
    The argument for 20 succeeds on a technicality. (The ‘myth’ is that no Southern leaders were punished after the war, but the reality is that one out of several hundred was.)

    Still, I’m glad I read it.

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