To Order the Book

Death by Petticoat is available at most bookstores, chains like Barnes & Noble and your local independents, and at many museum stores, or you can order single copies online from or For the e-book, order from,,, or other online bookstores. To get a signed copy, send me an e-mail request at

For wholesale orders, you can order through your regular book distributor (like Ingram or Baker & Taylor), or your Simon & Schuster representative. If you don’t already have a S&S account, call 800-943-9839 (x 2) and they will open an account for your museum shop or organization. Or you can contact the publisher directly: Gina Hruban at or 816-581-7513. Nonprofits are generally exempt from their usual minimum order amount, and should qualify for a 50% discount and free shipping.  


3 Responses to To Order the Book

  1. Susan Miller says:

    I work at an historical museum house. We have an late 1700 toe toaster. I don’t see anyway you could use the handle to turn the part that holds the bread. Your site said that it is Myth #83. I have your book “Death by Petticoat” and it only has myths to #63. I can send you a picture of our toaster. Help.

    • Mary Miley says:

      Hi Susan. Where do you work? (I’m guessing the house isn’t open to the public now . . . hope you aren’t furloughed.) Post a picture of your toaster, if you can.
      As for the website vs. the book, the myth numbers aren’t the same. The publishers wanted only 63 myths for the book, so we chose what we thought were the most common and most interesting. On the website, the list keeps growing, although slower now. I used to think there were maybe a couple of dozen history myths . . . now I know better. I’d like to do a second book with some of the other myths, but the publishers aren’t interested. The website has much more information than the book–different audiences. The website is really for museum professionals and history buffs, so it has more documentation and offers comments and discussions, whereas the book is aimed at the general public.

  2. […] Miley Theobald’s fascinating blog History Myths Debunked and inspired the title of her book Death by Petticoat: American History Myths Debunked. It seems that this myth is even spawning its own myths, such as the idea that historic women […]

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